Internship in South Africa: SA Works

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, the main business of SA Work's is to provide volunteers and interns with the required experience to further develop their competence as well as pursue their long-term career goals.  This organisation specialises in volunteer work placement programmes for international students and graduates in a range of fields including marketing, real state, recruitment, journalism, sound engineering, psychology, education and social work.

South Africa Internship

The work placement opportunities in South Africa not only provide candidates with practical experience in their chosen career path, but also with a unique and immensely transformational cultural experience. South Africa is a country that provides ample adventure, fun, knowledge and wisdom, coupled with an immensely diverse cultural experience. South Africa Works recruit candidates worldwide, offering opportunities in a variety of sectors.

Working closely with London based Internship-Uk Ltd, and Studios92 Ltd, an organisation with over 11 years of experience in the work placement industry, South Africa Works strives to provide 1st class work placement experiences for all candidates. Such endeavours are further stretched to the social atmosphere to ensure that interns and volunteers have an enjoyable culturally diverse and dynamic experience outside the work environment.

Unlike many other organisations, SA Works understands how aggravating it can be to focus on finding a suitable work placement programme whilst still having to focus on studies and a range of daily personal matters that one has to attend to.

South Africa Internship

It is for this reason that SA Works alleviates our clients by offering an all inclusive package ranging from placing you in a good internship as well as dealing with all matters related to bureaucracy, your flight to SA as well as your accommodation and well being.

The South Africa Work’s consultants are fully trained to competently handle all matters related to your work placement, accommodation, and social network in South Africa. Thus ensuring our trainees comfortable settlement in the workplace as well as an adventurous and unique South African experience.