South Africa Works: Intern Acccommodation

South Africa Accommodation Getting started in a new city and meeting new, fun and exciting people can be a very time consuming process. Knowing that interns and volunteers alike find that their time away from their home countries is limited.

SA Works can assist candidates in arranging accommodation in an atmosphere that ensures adventure, fun and comfort throughout the full duration of the work placement programme. Affordable accommodation is provided within close proximity to the work place for all interns.

South Africa Accommodation The accommodation is located just minutes away from the city centre. The all inclusive accommodation package ensures that fundamental amenities such as costs related to housing, water electricity, food and linen are supplied, ensuring a smooth settlement within your new environment in South Africa.

South Africa Accommodation

Antrium Terrace is located within just 2 minutes from the Seapoint Main road, also known as the Atlantic seaboard. This is a very cosmopolitan area, whereby activities all week long across all hours of the day include pubbing, club hopping, shopping, dining, live jazz and poetry café's.

After late night clubbing and partying in Seapoint there are numerous café’s eating places and just the seaside itself to enjoy the beautiful morning sunrise.

South Africa Accommodation Easy access to transport amenities for instance trains, bus, cabs and other services enables one to conveniently travel around, within an across cities.

Within just a matter of minutes, you can travel between Observatory, Cape Town, Seapoint, the Waterfront, Canal Walk or the Wilderness within a few hours, to have an adventurous and exciting experience such as bungee jumping off the world's highest commercially operating bungee bridge.