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What is an Internship?
Why do an Internship?
Why Intern in South Africa?
Can anyone apply for this internship?
Does SA Works help provide accommodation?
What currency is used in South Africa?
How should I budget for my living expenses?
What is the application process?
What is the principle language spoken in the; Cape Town?
Do you offer paid work placement ?
Will SA Works help me arrange flights and my visa?
Does SA Works help with providing insurance?

What is an Internship?

An internship may be defined as a career specific work experience that one undertakes during / after one’s studies in order to gain the practical experience required to operate and make a positive contribution with respect to the career path one eventually pursues. With the acknowledgement of the very challenging nature of the job market, acquiring such experience during at an early stage places such an individual at more of a competitive advantage than the average career seeker with little or no experience at all.

Such an experience also enables the individual to have a better understanding of the nature of the working world and the challenges they will face throughout their career development process.

The nature of an internship often varies across companies, but one will find that most internships are unpaid, especially in NGO’s  and most work that takes place in the public sector.

Aside from gaining practical experience in the workplace, an internship provides the individual with the opportunity   to make use of the skills acquired from the training provided at school/ university/college.

In the event of candidates illustrating a good command of the transference of such acquired skills,   companies often offer the intern a permanent salaried position.

Why do an Internship?

Any work experience is usually considered to be quite useful as it will enable one to compile a CV targeted at career development.  Partaking in such an experience in your particular field of studies will count in your favour with regard to the training you’ve had, as well as illustrate how dedicated or passionate you really are about the field.

Such an experience also provides you with the opportunity to start networking with contacts that may ultimately assist you in respect of your career goals in the long run.  Furthermore and also most importantly, a work placement experience will enable you to assess your own strengths, aptness and dedication to the industry.

Many companies require that candidates have work experience in a professional environment before offering full time employment. Doing an internship/volunteer work thus counts in the candidates favour as it serves as a sense of motivation regarding the candidates actual interest in the field. It also serves well on the candidates part by illustrating awareness and responsibility for our community at large.

Doing an internship allows you as the opportunity to transfer the skills which you have acquired throughout your educational experience in a practical manner within a working environment.

Depending on companies resources as well as performance on the part of interns,  there are cases in which internships can lead directly to paid employment.

Furthermore, it provides an invaluable understanding of the working world as well as a great opportunity to start networking, which would inevitably count in your favour regarding future career objectives.

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Why Intern in South Africa?

South Africa is considered to be one of the most beautiful and culturally diverse countries in Africa.  It offers a lovely ambiance in respect of its people and the climate as is most popular for its beautiful sunny weather and adventurous wild life.   One can most definitely get very good value for accommodation all over including the city centre.  Dining out and general services are also priced fairly reasonably,  so even those with not a very high  budget is guaranteed to be able to have some fun in terms of having fun in the city centre as well as the country  side. People are generally quite relaxed in Cape Town especially and a very embracing attitude is adopted in respect of tourists.

I am not from South Africa, can I apply to do an internship in South Africa?

SA Works offer internships to applicants worldwide. All applicants (worldwide) are welcome to apply for a maximum period of 3 months. Applicants who wish to apply for a longer period should ensure that they have a valid working visa which allows their prolonged stay.

SA Works will assist applicants applying for 3 month periods with applicable documentation.

Does SA Works arrange matters related to accommodation and such facilities?

Included in the placement programme is the service of having pre arranged furnished accommodation for the full duration of your visit to Cape Town. The accommodation is located centrally to ensure easy access to and from the city, whilst being in a suburb that offers lots to do for young and vibrant people who’s like to just pop out into a bar to shoot pool or just go clubbing or grabbing a bite to eat on the main road. An SA Works staff member will readily be available at all hours of the day to assist and offer guidance whilst you incur your South African Adventure.

What currency do they use in South Africa?

The currency used in South Africa is the  South African Rand (ZAR) . Currently the exchange rate of the Pound to the Rand averages around  £1=R12.

How much money should I budget for my living expenses during the duration of my internship in Cape Town?

Prices in South Africa are generally not expensive in comparison to living costs in other parts of the world like UK, USA and Europe. Obviously we all have different lifestyles and should  take that into consideration when planning your budget however, £200 to £500 per month is a generous amount to live a lavished life in terms of entertainment, transportation and food. For those who wish to make time to travel along other parts of the country such as Johannesburg or Durban  adding a few more pounds to your  budget is recommended.

Can anyone apply?

Participants officially represent SA Works from the moment of their acceptance on to the programme. It is for this reason that only the most motivated candidates who show passion and a genuine interest in the chosen work placement field are accepted. Also, having some experience in your chosen work placement field will count in your favour.

Though the purpose of an internship is to gain practical experience, it is also an opportunity to make use of the skills acquired throughout your education. Thus it is imperative that  the applicant has a theoretical background in the chosen  work placement path.

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What is the principle language spoken in the  Cape Town (South African) working environment?

English is the main language spoken in the working industry thus you will be able to get by very well in Cape Town not only in the work place but also in the general social sphere. Many schools in Cape Town has English as the medium of instruction whilst still learning other languages such as Afrikaans ( a language of Dutch origins) and Xhosa. Getting by with just English in South Africa is definitely possible.

Where can I get more information about Cape Town and your internship program?

contact us:

Do you offer paid work placement ?

Currently the laws in South Africa does not allow non-South African passport holders to receive an income during their stay without a work permit. Furthermore obtaining a work permit can be a very lengthy and costly process usually more appropriate for applicants who intend to stay in South Africa for a longer period on a more permanent basis. One may enter South Africa on a tourist visa for the doing volunteer work placements as its falls under the category ‘Voluntary /Charitable work’.

The visa will be stamped for the purpose mentioned upon entry in South Africa. Furthermore, SA Works can also provide you with the necessary documents confirming the purpose of your visit to South Africa.

Will SA Works help me arrange international flights and my visa?

SA Works can assist with regard to finding affordable flights as well as the required documents to facilitate with  Tourist  ‘volunteer/ charitable work’ visa applications. Citizens of certain countries are allowed to enter South Africa with their passport, upon which the appropriate tourist visa will be issued upon entry into the country. SA Works can assist in providing documents which confirm that the purpose of your stay is to undertake voluntary/ charitable work for the duration of your stay.

Applicants wishing to extend their stay after the 12 weeks during which the visa is valid  to undertake some further travel in country may apply for an extension within the country. It is advisable that such an application is advanced within at least 1 month  prior to the expiration date of the issued visa. Click here for further information: Home affairs Gov

Does SA Works provide insurance upon arrival in South Africa?

No, this can be arranged at your local travel agency. It’s suggested that you opt for an all inclusive package that will assist in the event of having to be ousted home .