South Afirca Works Services:

A thorough screening process is undertaken to ensure that SA Works obtains a compatible relation between the intern's aptitude and the needs of the corresponding firm.

Internship in South Africa

Upon the assurance of providing candidates with quality internship and volunteer programmes, SA Works will further assist with low cost accommodation and as budget flight tickets upon request. Additionally, arrangements are made to meet you at the airport upon your arrival.

SA Works ensures that you are placed in a working environment of such a nature that your skills are utilised to make a positive contribution whilst gaining practical experience in a culturally diverse environment.

The all inclusive package contains the following:

An internship opportunity in your chosen field
- Guaranteed work placement
- Accommodation
- Return air ticket (optional extra)
- 24 hour support contact
- South African sim card for mobile phone
- Orientation upon arrival

Application process:

-Send your CV to:
- Schedule an interview slot with an SA Works consultant
- SA Works contacts you regarding your 1st interview
- SA Works arranges a suitable placement programme to suit your needs and competence
- A second interview is arranged with your prospective employer.
- SA Works confirms your work placement programme and all matters related to the smooth running of your South African adventure
- SA Works welcomes you to South Africa and offers a support contact throughout the full duration of your internship programme.

For more information regarding our internship programmes feel free to contact us:

If you are interested in taking part in an internship in the UK feel free to visit Internship UK for more information.